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Healthier Home Lifestyle Program


Do you or members of your family suffer from chronic allergies or respiratory issues?


Your home may be a direct contributor to your illness. If your home is not healthy, there’s a good chance your health may be at risk.

At Environmental Analytics and Russett Southwest we understand how the quality of the air in your home impacts your health which is why we created the Healthier Home Lifestyle (HHL).

The Healthier Home Lifestyle program recognizes these potential issues can impact the indoor environmental quality of your home, and thereby your health.

We understand these relationships and provide whole house solutions to truly improve your indoor air quality, helping ensure a healthier home for you and your family.

Environmental Analytics LLC and Russett Southwest Corp. can provide the homeowner with cost-effective solutions that support a healthy home environment.
—Gary L. Gibson
Author, Inventor and patent holder of Versatile AEM TM Patent: Air Exchange Apparatus and Method with Variations of

In my opinion and personal experience, Environmental Analytics is a 1st class professional Indoor Environmental Testing company. We’ve put our trust and confidence into their services multiple times, including some of the St. Joseph Hospital’s neurosurgical operating rooms. Their high level of knowledge and experience in understanding building contaminants and the related building sciences (air flow, pressure management) was clearly demonstrated by them (EA).
—Guy Shoaf
Previous Director of Facilities Operations & Construction Carondelet St. Joseph Hospital & St. Mary’s Hospital


How would you like to feel better and have the peace of mind of knowing that your home provides a healthier environment for you and your family?

The Healthier Home Lifestyle does just that. Our comprehensive, customized solution helps address your entire home. No more band-aid solutions that are minimally effective and often mask the issue. The Healthier Home Lifestyle addresses the importance of indoor air quality in your home, all validated through testing.

  • Stop wasting money on band-aid solutions like UV lights and air purifiers that don’t address the source of the contaminants
  • Feel better! Proven to reduce contaminants in the home!
  • Save money! Systems run more efficiently which saves you money on utility bills
  • Peace of mind that comes from knowing that your family is living in a healthier indoor environment

Health, safety, comfort and energy savings are the drivers of
The Healthier Home Lifestyle


When you don’t feel well, you can go to the doctor for a checkup, diagnosis and prescription.

But how do you handle the health of your home?

That’s where we come in! The Healthier Home Lifestyle incorporates the performance of your home Ventilation Systems which include infiltration, exfiltration and ventilation for human occupancy, ventilation for pollutant and contaminate dilution and make-up air for the exhaust fans, dryer and kitchen hood. Pressure management between outdoors and indoors as well as behind closed doors (bedrooms) is also addressed. Our simple three-step process is like a doctor’s visit for your home.


health-safety-comfort-energy_savingsHOME ASSESSMENT

This is your home’s checkup. In this comprehensive assessment we take a look at key home health areas such as ventilation rates and filtration among other things. The Healthier Home Lifestyle incorporates the applied science of the assessment with environmental screening.*


Based on the findings from the home assessment, we design a solution that meets the needs of you and your home. This is the prescriptive plan for your healthier home.


Two weeks after your prescriptive plan is put into place, our experts conduct a follow up visit known as a valida- tion check. This ensures that your homes prescription has been effective.

*The results of the environmental screening are indicators of the quality of the air in your home. The screening does not identify specific contaminates.




Environmental Analytics and Russet Southwest have partnered together to offer you the healthier home lifestyle program!

We are proud to be the only two companies in Southern Arizona that offer the unique services and benefits of the Healthier Home Lifestyle.

As industry leaders in indoor air quality, we are caring, qualified professionals in what we do.

We exceed standards with state of the art technology. This means a healthier home for you!

Our team has over ninety years of experience in indoor air quality and environmental matters.

Our certifications include: Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager, Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant.

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