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Michael's extensive base of expert knowledge in the field of indoor air quality gave us clarity and direction regarding our home's high ERMI score. Unlike other indoor air quality professionals we have met before, Michael's familiarity with mold as it relates to CIRS and the Dr. Shoemaker protocol was exceptionally helpful. Thank you many times for this great service you provide. Glen and Heather P.
Langley WA

Glen & Heather Pearson
January 11, 2018

Very knowledgeable and helpful

I was referred to Environmental Analytics by my functional medicine doctor for help with a mold problem in my home. I got in touch with Mike and he was able to review the mold tests, put things in proper perspective and give me solid "to-do's" to assist with the problem. This was over the phone as I live in a different state than he does. I'll be checking in with him in the future once I've completed the items. It was very helpful to have this kind of assistance and Mike is so easy to work with!


Kristina Wolf
May 9, 2017

Mike Schrantz

My husband and I spoke to Mike Schrantz. He was proactive and knowledgeable. He carefully reviewed our documents in advance of our conference call; he asked additional questions about our concerns and gave us tangible options to look into to as well as gave us a plan-of-action. Awesome!

We both were very pleased and highly recommend Mike.


Veronica Petta
March 21, 2017

Thank You!

I am Kris Huerta a fourteen year old 8th grader and Mike, the owner is a very kind and helpful guy. When asked Mike took time from his busy day to answer many questions about mold to help me receive an "A" on my project. Mike knows a lot about mold and his e-mails are very professionally structured. Mike always wants to help and is a very kind guy. Thanks to Mike, I aced my report

kris huerta
March 15, 2017

September 8th, 2016

Mike, the owner of environmental analytics, is one of the most competent, professional, caring and trustworthy professionals I've encountered. He took so much time with us to help us understand the very complicated world of mold. He helped us figure out how to keep costs down instead of trying to hike costs up. If you are debating if the cost or service is worth it - it is!!!!  -Tiffany G.

Tiffany G
September 8, 2016

Healthier Home Lifestyle program 08/16/2016

Hi Mike, I wanted to send a big THANK YOU for recommending the mechanical ventilation system in our home. Russett Southwest did some initial testing on our home to confirm that we were, in fact, having an air quality issue. Based on those results they were able to design a ventilation system that worked for our house. Within an hour after installation I could tell a difference in our home - even the way it smelled changed. We always seemed to have a stale smell and now that is gone! Russett did an amazing job with the installation and cleaned up beautifully! I also love that they will be back in a few weeks to do more tests to confirm the system is running correctly. I am very relieved and grateful knowing, feeling, and breathing the better air in our home. Thank you!

Shannon Seal
August 16, 2016

Invaluable Expert Input 3/24/2016

After thousands of hours of research related to building a healthy home with great indoor air quality and decreased likelihood of mold, we still had questions that we weren't finding sufficient answers to locally. We didn't believe a remediation and indoor air quality expert existed that was knowledgable about CIRS, the Shoemaker protocol and the implications of mold and VOCs. Thus far, we felt like we were having to educate the "experts." When we heard Mike on Chris Kresser's podcast, we knew he was the guy to talk to. In an hour phone consult, we were able to better understand current ERMI results and put them in context and get high level guidance on what to keep and not keep going to our new home. Mike also gave us direction and peace of mind about costly HVAC upgrades we thought would be impactful, but weren't totally sure were worth the spend.
In short, Environmental Analytics is the expert you need by your side after being diagnosed with CIRS to help you figure out the "now what?" for creating a home environment that you can thrive in.

Renee M
March 24, 2016


"Saved by Environmental Analytics"

I owe so much to the invaluable experience and knowledge of Mike and his company. I am located a good distance away (California) but when I read of Mike's expertise, I knew he would be an excellent source of what to do and how to do it. Mike guided me through a very difficult process of locating moisture and mold in my rental unit. He would not let me give up, even when it looked like the odds were against me (including my landlord and my own mold inspector) ever locating the source of the problem. He supplied me with invaluable tools, resources, ideas and guidance. I cannot imagine a better source of support in this grueling process.

March 17, 2016


I recently used Michael Schrantz and Environmental Analytics to assist us as a consultant long distance. After being affected by mold in a prior home, we wanted to insure we had no issues in our new construction home that could lead to mold growth as well as a need for improvement in air quality. Michael was beyond helpful in mapping out exactly what it was we were trying to achieve but also helping us locate a company to help us do that. Michael went above and beyond to try and help us and was extremely professional.

Patricia Velletri
founder of Toxic Mold support group
January 26, 2016


In my opinion and personal experience, Environmental Analytics is a 1st class professional Indoor Environmental Testing company. We've put our trust and confidence into their services multiple times, including some of the St. Joseph Hospital's neurosurgical operating rooms. Their high level of knowledge and experience in understanding building contaminants and the related building sciences (air flow, pressure management) was clearly demonstrated by them (EA).

Guy Shoaf (previous Director of Facilities Operations & Construction)
Carondelet St. Joseph Hospital & St. Mary’s Hospital
February 11, 2015


Environmental Analytics LLC can provide the homeowner with cost-effective solutions that support a healthy home environment.

Gary L. Gibson
Inventor of Versatile AEM TM
February 11, 2015


I know that the mold report, by you as a professional Industrial Hygienist, convinced them (homebuyers) the house was okay. Thank you so very much for your time and also the report.

EA satisfied customer
February 11, 2015


I am sure you and your other top realty friends at Long Realty will love to learn of his (Michael Schrantz) testing services for mold, radon, asbestos, lead, ozone and much more. I will definitely use him for any home purchase I make in the future.

Patricia C.
EA satisfied customer
February 11, 2015


I appreciated his professional advice when I had my offer to purchase in on the home (I was inquiring on) last year, and he (Michael Schrantz) was friendly, knowledgeable, helpful to work with-everything you'd hope for!

Patricia C.
EA satisfied customer
February 11, 2015


(Environmental Analytics offers) comprehensive investigations on properties for Mold and Lead.

Hope Salas
EA satisfied customer
February 11, 2015


I have had the opportunity to work with Mike over at Environmental Analytics on several jobs. They are extremely professional and work well with the customers. Mike has been very helpful to us and the customer on every job. I am looking forward to working with them more in the future.

Artistic Carpet & Restoration
February 11, 2015


Professional knowledge and expertise make Mike Schrantz one of the most highly qualified IAQ professionals, as a laboratory, we have full confidence when referring our customers to him.

Mycometrics (Laboratory)
February 11, 2015


Being a restoration and remediation professional, working for a company dedicated to customer service, I have had the opportunity to work with Michael Schrantz and Environmental Analytics, LLC on numerous occasions. Michael's prompt inspections, pleasant demeanor, detailed reports, and personal attention to our jobs are invaluable contributions to our success in the mold remediation industry. Above and beyond is what to be expected, his willingness to share information directly with our technicians has dramatically improved their performance. I can always depend on a positive experience, whether I'm calling them with a new project or recommending them to a client.

Julia Alanis
TM Building Damage Restoration, Inc
February 11, 2015


To whom it may concern;

This letter is in reference to the company of Environmental Analytics (Michael Schrantz) as a preferred mold testing, and mold inspection professional. Environmental Analytics has proven to be very knowledgeable of mold issue in various environments/conditions. As a Mold Remediation contractor we appreciate a professional that stays current with indoor environmental issues. With Mike Schrantz vast knowledge, he is able to consult us and direct us with detailed recommendations.

I highly recommend Environmental Analytics for your indoor environmental assessments, microbial investigation and testing needs.

Michael A. Cardenas
Titan Restoration of Tucson
February 11, 2015


To whom it may concern:

Environmental Analytics (EA) is a professional & comprehensive Indoor Environmental Quality(IEQ) testing firm. We recently used EA to test & analyze one of our staff rooms. EA took the time to meet me onsite to discuss our concerns, and then developed an appropriate scope of work. His professional approach regarding testing, and the comprehensive report that followed, is something we value at St. Joseph Hospital. EA does offer "Comprehensive investigations & Simple Solutions!" I would use them again in my hospitals in a heartbeat!

Jacob Linhart | Director of Facilities Operations & Construction
Carondelet St. Joseph's Hospital
February 10, 2015

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