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Environmental Analytics (EA) provides a comprehensive, cost-effective, and advanced approach to minimize indoor environmental exposure. We offer a forensic approach with each client, which will help determine the overall “health” of your home or office. We can help you weigh your options when finances, time, health, or other personal considerations get in the way.  We approach your home with a wealth of knowledge and experience pertaining to microbial growth, off-gassing, and how your home or office can promote or minimize such exposures. We can utilize high-tech, non-destructive instruments to help pinpoint and define potential indoor environmental exposures. Our services are provided throughout the United States and around the globe.


On-site assessments commonly include:

  • Background/History Interview with Client
  • Visual Walkthrough of Home with Client
  • Development of a Sampling/Testing Scope of Work Based on the Client’s Needs/Goals
  • Comprehensive and Customized Reporting
  • Professional Guidance for Client Awareness and Education


Who we specialize in working with:

  • Patients with CIRS, Lyme, SIBO, PANS/PANDAS, ALS, AD, MCAS, and more
  • Low-Dose Environmental Exposure Concerns
  • Homeowners
  • Landlords
  • Property Management Companies
  • Purchasers of Real Estate
  • Owners Preparing to Sell Real Estate
  • Architects and Builders


All assessments are performed in accordance with the guidelines and best practices of the following:

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