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After three years of chronic unexplained illness, Mike was able to help us get to the bottom it and give me my life back. We had had our home tested three times, by three different companies over a year and a half. They all said the home was clear, and I remained sick. Finally I found a mold specialist doctor and she referred us to Mike. He ended up finding mold in 5 different locations throughout the house, guided us through the remediation process, and referred us to other specialists to help rebuild our home. Today our beautiful home is healthy again, and I am on my way back to full health as well! Thank you, Mike. We’ll always be grateful!

-Jenna & Drew

-Jenna G.

Thank you for your invaluable insight!


When I came across Mike and Environmental Analytics through Chris Kresser’s podcast regarding mold, I knew immediately that I needed to reach out and seek his guidance. My fiancé and I are in the process of making a cross country move to Seattle, and due to my CIRS diagnosis, have had to test every potential apartment we are looking at for mold. We completed two ERMI tests on apartments that we were very interested in; however, we were left feeling confused and concerned about trying to find a place to live when the scores came back (seemingly) unfavorable for someone with CIRS. ERMI tests are expensive, and we couldn’t afford to complete test after test. We were also running out of time to find a place to live!

Thankfully, Mike was able to accommodate us by providing a phone consultation less than one week later. He offered extensive education and insight regarding our testing procedures and results that had me wishing I’d known to reach out sooner! It is SO rare to find indoor environmental professionals who are well-versed in CIRS, and have a clear understanding of the connection between our home environments and the impact that it can have on our health and well-being. In one short phone consultation, Mike provided invaluable, evidence based information regarding self-collection sampling via ERMI/HERTSMI tests, certain types of mold/fungi, test limitations, and air filtration. He not only gave us a second opinion on our ERMI test results, but he armed me with the knowledge I need to successfully move forward with additional mold testing, inspection, and home maintenance.

On top of his knowledge and expertise, Mike is personable, professional, and explains complex information in a way that is easy to understand. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of further guidance regarding mold testing/inspection and CIRS. Thank you, Mike, for graciously offering us your time and help – we are so appreciative!!

-Jen Anderson

My experience


If you are in the throes of a mold remediation project, and you’re lucky enough to be working with Mike Schrantz, of Environmental Analytics, relax, you’re working with the best. In the height of the most traumatic time in my life, becoming almost completely incapacitated from biotoxic exposure from a shotty mold remediation, Mike Schrantz showed up like a beacon of light guiding me through this horrific and confusing time. Through his kindness, expertise, resources, and compassion for what I was going through, I was able to make sense of what was going on around me. With his help , we were able to create a healthy path forward getting me back safely into my home. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and for me that was Michael Schrantz.


Solid Plan Moving Forward


Michael Schrantz’s expertise was exactly what we needed for devising a plan for ridding our home of recurring mold issue. In a nutshell, we bought our home in 2017, I got seriously ill 18 months later, identified toxic mold as the root cause six months later, spent thousands on remediation/prevention services only to have it identified again in our home last month, November, 2021. My functional Dr. (Dr. McCarthy in Sacramento) suggested we meet with Michael before moving forward with next steps. We were getting various conflicting opinions and not at all confident with what was needed for permanent solution. Long story short, after meeting with Michael, we have an action plan for moving forward that has given us the confidence we wanted ensuring we’re taking the best steps to resolve this problem once and for all. Hallelejuia!! Seriously, we are SO happy we met with Michael! Absolutely, without hesitation, recommend his services!

-Ann Pieri

ERMI testing for a CIRS patient


I needed advice re buying a new home and the ERMI result . Michael was very helpful and informative as always. His careful interpretation of my ERMI has enabled me to have the confidence to go ahead and buy the property. With many thanks . Excellent.

-Dr Tracey Covell

Informative/An Anxiety Diffuser


Dear Michael and Chris:

Thank you for your time and expertise in walking me through the options and details of my ERMI and other lab results. It helped me to make sense of very detailed information that is nowhere near my wheelhouse. Originally I thought the sky was falling when I saw my report scores, but I felt informed and ready to move forward with sensible options after our consultation.

-B. Wixom

Caring, compassionate, capable


I cannot express enough gratitude to Michael Schrantz for his help during a very challenging time regarding our home environment. You’re in expert, competent and caring hands when you choose his team. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity of his guidance.

-Razi Berry

The Best Guide and Advocate


(1/3/2022)Words cannot describe how grateful our family is for Michael’s help, guidance, and expertise. He is the reliable, compassionate, and highly skilled advocate we all hope for when facing difficult and decisions about our health and our home. Michael meets you where you are at and considers your financial situation, your goals, and your unique challenges. He truly listens to you and considers the different angles of your case. He creates room for dialogue when it is appropriate and will also steer you in the right direction when you are overwhelmed with fear and the various “what ifs.” He provides reasonable, clear, direct advice that is tailored to your specific situation. It means a lot that Michael believes that everyone is worthy of living in a healthy, safe environment, no matter their finances. He will show up for you with empathy and create a detailed plan that will give you concrete steps towards improving your environment. Michael is an excellent professional who sees his clients as human beings and truly cares about them, and that is so special and rare. Our session gave us the hope, support, and sense of direction that we were missing. If you are needing professional guidance and words of wisdom on your journey, Michael will go above and beyond to show up for you!

-Anna, Alexander, and Masha

Fantastic help


Michael is not just professional and (super) resourceful, but so knowledgeable! He is just what myself and my clients need in this ever changing (and often time confusing) world of determining how to have a safe and healthy house and keep mold at bay. I highly recommend him and am grateful for his guidance on my journey.

-Christine Miller, Tampa FL

Mould remediation advice for CIRS patient


Michael was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and supportive in his remote consultation with us. He was practical in his advice and very quickly took in and understood the complexities of our situation and gave us what we needed to find a way forward. I don’t think I’ve ever known someone to get through so much so quickly and still keep things relaxed and good humoured!

-Joy MacKeith

Very Informative!


We had a phone consult with Michael and he was very knowledgeable in many aspects, especially regarding the biology of mold (which is important to understand)! We will definitely be implementing his educational advice. He is and will be a great resource moving forward, especially when we get ‘stuck’!

-Marla King

The Best!


Michael helped me with mold mitigation and now, house reconstruction. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional and pleasant to work with. Always resourceful and a great dot connector when I feel overwhelmed with procedures and materials. I feel very grateful for Michael’s help.

-Sue White

True expert that cares about your safety


I found Micheal at Environmental Analytics through my research at His credential speak for themselves but its his true caring nature, willingness to speak truthful about proper testing procedures, and the potential limitations of those procedures, that truly stood out for me. Micheal truly cares about his clients and their families.

With his guidance we conducted inspections and testing that reassured me that we did not have a current issue in our home. Through our discussions he left us with a greater knowledge about the air quality in our home and potential solutions to prevent any issues in the future.

I would highly recommend Michael at Environmental Analytics to anyone who wants a true expert, who speaks truthful about proper testing for air quality issues in your home.


Highly recommend Michael Shrantz


We first learned about Michael Schrantz from listening to a podcast he was on with Chris Kresser. After we really began to face our mold issues in our home his name surfaced again. It was only after we were given the worst possible news regarding our ERMI test that we decided to schedule our call with Mike. Our call could not have come at a better time. We were losing sleep and sick with fear. Mike’s approach was exactly the opposite of everyone we had spoken to up to that point. He was calming, practical and realistic. He gave us so much helpful information and provided us with excellent resources for the next step in our discovery phase. I highly, highly recommend you speak with Mike Schrantz if you are dealing with mold issues in your home or business.

-Wendy Martin

Customer Service, Offerings, Quality, Timeliness


Michael was very respectful and nonjudgmental during our phone consultation. His knowledgeable assessment of the possible pitfalls in our home and how to address them was extensive and helpful. I especially appreciated the list of contacts in our area that are capable of aiding in our quest for a healthy home.


Phone consultation!


The work you’re doing is amazing and your clear communication and benevolence I found so reassuring and makes a very long and trying ordeal a lot less stressful. Your write-up on the fundamentals (remediation and environmental-cleaning) is quite a gift as well to all of us “laypeople” with CIRS, and our practitioners who spend countless hours researching and puzzling our way along. I’m excited to get into it.

-Danny D

A Million Stars!


I was referred to Michael Schrantz and Environmental Analytics by my doctor who is one of the foremost experts on Lyme, CIRS, MCAS, and mold illness. After watching several episodes of his invaluable videocast, IEP Radio, I felt very confident that he knows his stuff, is educated about the science of mold and industry standards, is knowledgable about the above-and-beyond requirements for mold-sensitive patients recommended by CIRS medical experts, and truly cares about his clients and treats his work as a calling. Just feeling confident in his expertise was a huge relief while navigating the water-damaged home situation that is fraught with uncertainty and conflicting opinions not based on empirical evidence.

Michael was able to put many of our concerns to rest and made suggestions that likely saved us $15,000 in unnecessary recommendations made by our mold inspector. He also made recommendations for assessing one potentially problematic area that our mold inspector had overlooked. He also instructed us on how to do our own testing that will give us the most bang for our buck.

We came away with a clear plan of action and hierarchy of options based on our budget and priorities. To have this kind of peace of mind while recovering from a condition that has its roots in the brain’s trauma response is invaluable. It felt like getting 10 years of Gupta brain retraining, trauma therapy, and marriage counseling in 90 minutes! 🙂

We can’t thank you enough, Michael! We both literally cried tears of relief after our call with you. We are so grateful to have you and EA to turn to for any future concerns! God bless you for all you’re doing to help the CIRS community.

-Cynthia Baker

Highly Professional & Knowledgeable


Michael Schrantz is the real deal…he is a highly qualified Indoor Environmental Professional! He is very thorough and professional in his approach. It is unique to find such a detailed-oriented inspector who is also understanding, compassionate and responsive to the emotional issues that arise with the potential concerns that come with mold and mycotoxins in a home or work environment.

There are many factors to navigate and address throughout this process, particularly daunting are the financial implications (medical and remediation costs). Michael has a way of breaking all of this down in a reasonable way (as best he can based on your needs), and provides manageable steps to follow. I appreciate that he also offers a follow-up call at a reasonable price so we can have confidence in the action steps taken. My husband (an engineer) was hesitant to meet with him about our ongoing issues, but commented after our call to say that, “he knows his stuff!”. That was golden…I’ve been trying to “educate” my husband about this for some time now, and it wasn’t until we met with Michael that we were able to come together regarding the gravity of our situation and necessary next steps.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the plethora of information he offers (for free!) on his podcast (IEP Radio). I’ve learned so much from this and as a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach specializing in Environmental Illness, I now refer clients in order for them to begin learning more about this (still!) poorly understood illness. The information he shares is invaluable and I sincerely appreciate his efforts to educate the masses! So ~ from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU, Michael, for all you do for this community!

-Dian Dossias (Certified FM Health Coach & Allied Member of ISEAI)

Great resource, knowledgeable and timely!


I heard the interview with Michael and Chris Kresser. It was amazing to hear someone with so much knowledge about CIRS and mold. He is like a ‘doctor’ of mold for where I am living.

Michael knew about chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS), otherwise known as mold illness. I have not been able to find someone in Canada as knowledgeable as Michael. Michael took the time to hear my concerns and address every concern with detailed, easy to understand information.

Anyone wanting any direction when they find mold in their would benefit greatly by contacting Michael.

Thank you so much Michael!

-Marie LeBlanc, Artist/Advocate



I’ve found Michael to be very professional in my dealings with him. I highly recommend him.


Zoom video conference


We appreciated talking with Mike, as within 1 hour he was able to give a thoughtful and comprehensive review of our 75 yr old house and our recent plumbing leak. Quite a feat!

-Carol Graber

Now we have a real plan!


Mike offers an impressive combination of professional expertise and personal touch. His approach is data-driven, yet creative, allowing for the kind of flexibility and prioritization that – among others – CIRS patients and their families need to help bring order to their newfound chaos. Mike’s process, from pre-call information gathering to addressing our long list of questions during the call, was organized, informative and extremely helpful. We left with a prioritized list of specific next steps, along with the knowledge that this plan was developed by an expert who truly understands CIRS, MCAS and the high stakes that come with chronic illness.


Thank you for your help and knowledge


My son was diagnosed with CIRS during a time we discovered our home had a mold outbreak. We felt very isolated, in who to trust, do to all the contradicting opinions people had in regard to reconditioning and disposal. My son’s doctor recommended that we outreach to Mike regarding our concerns.

Mike is extremely knowledgeable in his field and does a wonderful job of dissecting pros in cons. He has helped us in processes from consulting, recommending implementing proper equipment, and formulating strategies to help us in transitioning. I feel a lot of specialist stop exploring and learning in their respective fields once they operate under industry standards. Mike is one of the rare specialists who goes above and beyond his competition. We are thankful for his service.


Great resource people with CIRS and their practitioners


CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome) is commonly caused by mold sickness. Mike is a gem for us practitioners to help our CIRS patients determine if mold exposure is an issue in the home – and then how to deal with it, step by step. I really appreciate his calm down-to-earth approach. He is practical about finances. He explains things in easy-to-understand terms and does not take a “dramatic all-or-nothing” approach like others in the CIRS world do – a welcome relief! His approach to creating a “mold sanctuary” makes good sense. I learned a lot from him in just the first hour.

-Laura Paris, Functional Medicine Practitioner

-Laura Paris

Excellent Guidance!


I hired Michael Schrantz soon after I told I would have to spend a fortune to remediate my house which had some mold issues (and I was still doing detox from a previous exposure to mold). Michael guided me to “clean” the new house in the most cost effective way, saved me a lot of resources, AND the final test came out with a totally healthy mold ecology. My latest medical exams also show that my system has eliminated nearly all mycotoxins.
Michael, many thanks to you and Anna Branch for your expertise, wisdom, and professionalism.
Cheers to a healthy home and body!

-Sylvie Rokab

Mold illness / CIRS cleaning and enviroment advice


I cannot thank Michael enough for enabling me to get my life back on track. I have been able to move back into my home and save a lot of my pocessions. He gave me very clear and specific instructions re how to clean and maintain my home and it’s contents, which had become cross contaminated with mycotoxins, and were making me very very sick. I’m so happy to be back home and to have my son living with me again.
Michael has a very balanced approach, which takes into account the limbic system dysfunction that goes with mold illness / CIRS , and is very encouraging and positive about the prospect of recovery.
He is easy to talk to and answers all of my sometimes stupid, extreme and very detailed questions with specific advice and at times appropriate humour. I really feel he understands what I am going through, and yet has just the right amount of attention mixed with common sense that is required for people like me. Micheal –THANKYOU ! does not come close .
Dr Tracey Covell . ED Doctor in the UK .

-Dr Tracey Covell

Peace of Mind


When you’re dealing with mold toxicity you don’t want to be uninformed. Being uninformed made our mold situation turn into a much worse health problem that it would have been if we had been able to talk with someone like Michael sooner. He put a testing plan together for us that will make sure we have all of our bases covered and then he will be helping us with a remediation plan from that point. We gained a wealth of knowledge during our initial consult regarding best practices and what to look out for when hiring mold testing and remediation companies to ensure our home as safe it can be from these toxins.

-Jeff Perry

Very impressed!


Had Michael Schrantz come to our house and was very impressed. He took the time to educate us and has a great personality. He was able to find what others couldn’t and intelligently explained the science behind it. Highly recommend him.

-Billy Johnson



It is obvious that Mike has dedicated his life to understanding environmental mold issues, as well as the related medical information. He is a very smart guy with excellent communication skills. He completely helped me figure out my next move regarding dealing with my mold situation. He was able to interpret the mold test results and photos I sent him like he visited my house. He put the real in virtual consultation. Do not hesitate to hire Mike, it will be the best money you spend to solve your mold problem.

-Tom Hillman

Expert Opinion for Peace of Mind


Thank you to Michael Schrantz for going over our test results to give us a practical plan for our property. Your common-sense approach coupled with your expertise is a tremendous help to us as we navigate the process of remediation. What a relief to talk with you so that we may move forward with confidence. Thank you!

-Stacie Roberts

Timeliness, Quality, Customer Service, Offerings


We received an especially incisive and expansive analysis of an extraordinarily complicated building science and health quandary. This was a much needed and highly specialized consultation.
Thank you, Michael

-Cappy Silver

There are NO words that could describe how we feel about Michael


What a blessing he has been to our family!! He is the type of person who goes above and beyond, and will exceed your expectations! He cares about you and your family and wants to understand the environment as much as possible to better help you! I wish there was one word that could describe how we feel about his sincerity and work! You would be making the biggest mistake by not working with him. For those of us who get to work with him are privileged. I can’t wait for my family to start healing! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Michael it wouldn’t have been possible without your expertise!!

-Jessica and Jared K

Michael Works with What You’ve Got!


The thing I most appreciated about my initial one-hour consult with Michael is that he met me where I was in our remediation process. In an ideal world, I would have hired him 4 months ago to assess our entire home situation, but what actually happened is that I was the sick member of the household and needed immediate help.

Everything came to a head during the winter holiday season, when humans who could test and remediate were either on vacation or unwilling to travel to our area, so we dove right in and tackled the most obvious issues ourselves.

Our initial consult was really useful because I was able to pick his fine brain about where to go next. We’ve done a lot and it’s helped a lot but are still missing something, which is why we still need help. He was a good sport to just dive into our reality, listening well, synthesizing what we’ve done so far, and sharing his expertise. He’s gregarious, opinionated, articulate and able to get to heart of the really critical issues around the nasty and dangerous that mold is, really quickly. Love Him!



Extremely knowledgeable and professional!


Michael Schrantz is a very knowledgeable and professional indoor environmental professional (IEP). He helped me tremendously while recently attempting to find a suitable rental home here in Tucson. He had great inspection and testing skills and communicated very effectively with myself and the various home owners we dealt with. Thanks, Mike!

-Chris Graber

What a relief


After attempting to figure out how to address mold in our home, it was a relief to find Michael Schrantz. His knowledge and experience in detecting and remediating mold gave us clear step-by-step direction that was much needed. When we later moved, we found unexpected mold. Reaching out to Michael quickly got us on the right track. We value the recordings he made of our sessions. We returned to those as needed to be sure we understood our next steps. Highly recommend using him.


Super Grateful for Michaels Expertise


Every physician who diaganoses a patient with CIRS should include a referral to an Environmental Mold Expert. We spend thousands of dollars on doctors and tests, but the most important step is getting out of the mold, understanding the problem, and having help in the process. Worth every penny. Michael came highly recommended by my CIRS doctor. But most importantly, my partner, who does not have CIRS, highly respected Michael, after listening to a podcast with Chris Kresser. And that’s not an easy endorsement, he’s been stubborn, he has a background in science and disliked other professionals in this arena. So to have someone my partner respected and would listen to was everything. Michael is a straight honest no bs expert. We’re super happy with Michael and have complete confidence he can help us with both a rental property and a new home construction. So happy to have found him. We are in Kauai and are so happy he can do phone/video conferences with us. I will use him no matter where I live or work. He’s necessary!


Well Worth Every Penny


Michael was very knowledgeable and professional when we spoke to him about our specific needs concerning building our new home. We are very greatful for his guidance. He had some great ideas!
Thank you.


Lory E.


We appreciate your professional advice and recommendations about the potential mold issue at our home. You gave us hope, and a direction in which to proceed and that was truly a blessing! It is very apparent that you are passionate about your calling and your knowledge is extensive, and we are so grateful that you pass that knowledge on to help others. Since we received the ERMI test result that first alerted to the Stachybotrys, it has reminded me of this verse from the bible.

Psalm 91:4-6
4 He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection. 5 Do not be afraid of the terrors of the night, nor the arrow that flies in the day.
6 Do not dread the disease that stalks in darkness, nor the disaster that strikes at midday.

-Lori Ellis

Michael's knowledge and commitment are unparalleled


It’s hard to imagine getting value from a mold consultation with someone who is almost 2,000 miles away and hasn’t set foot in your house. However, like many I’d heard Dr. Chris Kresser’s interview with Michael online and I knew this was the guy I needed to talk to about my baffling mold situation (at least, baffling to all the other ‘experts’ I’d invited into my home in the last few years to assess or try to help fix it…).

Michael’s intake paperwork was thorough and thoughtful, and he reviewed it along with our lab paperwork in advance of the meeting. He connected with my husband (at work at the time) and me (in the house) from his studio in Tuscon. While we were on video chat together, he reviewed the photos, videos and infrared images to which we’d sent him a link, and during the process he was able to provide insight on mold testing (including sampling considerations and what we can and can’t conclude from our ERMI / HERTSMI-2 scores and infrared images), the relevance of any supplemental environmental testing, building science and air filtration considerations, the pros and cons of combining remediation efforts with structural modifications to our home vs. moving, a variety of environmental and possession remediation options, and related health considerations.

He was then able to match us with an esteemed colleague in our area (whom we would never have found on our own) who is scheduled to visit us in person to go over the house with a fine-toothed comb, saving us the expense of flying Michael out here personally. He also followed up with a 15-page summary of guidelines and protocols on mold remediation and environmental cleaning, to help us have the most informed possible dialogue with our local inspector and any remediation contractors we might invite to send us a proposal. The document refers to the research studies on which it is based, as filtered through Michael’s years of national and international experience across a variety of climates and architecture styles. The document is invaluable in helping us understand how to separate fact from widely-touted opinion as we move forward.

We still are looking down the barrel of a massive remediation effort, but armed with this wealth of knowledge and a referral of this caliber – oddly for the first time since this whole mess started I feel calm and confident that this is going to go well, and we are going to be happy with the final result. And as a huge plus – WE ARE GOING TO GET OUR HEALTH BACK!! 😀

Thank you Michael Shrantz 🙂

PS – if you contact Michael, do your best to read the extensive free consensus paper he collaborated with several other indoor environmental professionals to publish (, so you can use that as a springboard for accomplishing even more than you thought possible. Pausing for a moment to consider the level of effort he and his colleagues have put into making this information available to us FOR FREE gives you a glimpse of how both knowledgeable and experienced he truly is, and how committed he is to helping us get our homes and our families well.

May this be the year you get your mold concerns beautifully resolved and your family’s health restored! 🙂


Customer Service, Timeliness


Positively Fantastic, we got exactly the type of feedback we were hoping for!
Great communication from Nel, too. Clear, concise and very timely responses.
Quality – outstanding! Once I knew my FMD was recommending you – I did some googling as I thought your name sounded familiar. I’m a steady listener of both BetterHealthGuy and Dr Jill Carnahan – so I knew your advice would be undeniably credible! Your content and communication style are just perfect for people mired in mold indecision!
Many many thanks!

-Dan & Judith Poulin

Invaluable member to ad to your team!


Mike has been a vital recourse of knowledge for us throughout the remediation process. As a CIRS patient, in a rural area with very few experts around, we have been able to move forward with peace of mind knowing we have Mike on our team. He will provide realistic, honest information that you can trust.

-Ashley and Branlin Shockey

Excellent resource


We live in a remote area with no mold experts or resources within a couple thousand miles. We’ve been bumbling around in the dark with our home mold problem, educating ourselves, and trying to decide what to do next. Our virtual consult with Michael was extremely helpful. He asked all the right questions and pointed us in the right direction for next steps. He’s organized, efficient, and thorough in sharing information. Truly a valuable resource. Thank you so much for your help!

-Keri and Ajax Eggleston


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